My first blog

So, This is my first blog ever! I am going to try to do this on a regular basis, and post newsletters, thoughts, etc. but have patience with me please 🙂 Hope you enjoy and keep in touch!!!


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4 responses to “My first blog

  • Alece


    Great to see you’re blogging! I look forward to keeping in touch more this way!


  • Lisa

    Thanks Maureen, so glad you can keep updates here, it will be a lot easier for all. Blessings,

  • Mom

    The blog is a great idea! Thanks for giving us the true story on R2’s afflictions and allowing us to get to know your trusty (by faith!) vehicle better. Dad and I both say (with parenatal pride) that you have a gift of writing. Keep it up. We always enjoy hearing for you. Lots of Love, Mom

  • Trish DeMuth

    Met a woman from Brazil the other night – she married an american and lives one mile from me.
    She taught me a couple words in Brzilian so now I know a couple words of German, a couple French, a couple VietNamese…. nothing you can really use a lot in life…
    Glad to hear you are well …
    God bless you!

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