Not just another phase, please!

I was thinking this morning about the cycles that we go through in life. Most of us have mountains and valleys that we climb and descend, and depending on the situations we are facing…they can either be extremely high or extremely low. We go through these phases (or cycles) and write them off as just that. “Oh, I’m just going through this phase right now.” or…”it will pass, its only a phase.”

I am currently on this kick in which I just can’t get enough learning. I am doing a Beth Moore Bible Study called “The Patriarchs”, which is so amazing. It is taking me to a higher level of learning, and I’m just soaking it all in. But its like I just can’t get enough. So, I am also engaging myself in a new study from the book of Daniel, which accompanies a book that my Grandma sent me about the wars occuring in Israel, Iraq, and Iran. It’s so fasinating to me! I am also keeping up with my year-study of Women in the Bible, as well as finishing my “Under Cover” series by John Bevere. And on top of that, I just seem to want to do more.

Don’t ask me how I am finding time to do all of this, cuz I really don’t know. But I will tell you this…what you are passionate about, you will find time. I do not have a TV, so coming home and switching on the tube is out of the question. I am even waking up earlier in the morning to read and dive it. (And those of you who know me, know how NOT a morning person I am) I study while I eat dinner… I study while I’m laying in bed…I study while I’m sitting on the computer at work. It’s just pretty incredible.

But while I was talking to a friend, I told her that I’m going through this phase of just wanting more and more. And it hit me! This shouldn’t be a phase…this should be part of my everyday life. I should crave it the way the apostles did in the early times, the book of Acts. This should not be just another phase to write off. Phases are cycles that come and go, but I do not want this passion, this craving of the Word to ever just come and go. I want it to continue to burn inside of me.

I am not oblivious to the fact that life gets busy, and there are times when duties just take over… it is difficult to sidestep that. (And the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day is not changing any time soon.) So, I am hoping that even as other phases in my life come and go…that this will be the one constant that stays. That I will always set aside time in my day for this thirst of knowledge that runs in my veins. And that the craving will not cease. Let this be not just another phase, please!

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