1st class

Last night was my first night of teaching at the Bible School. Quite honestly, I was nervous all day. But when the time came, it wasn’t so bad. There is a huge difference though, teaching Africans compared to Americans. Because of cultural differences, they are more reserved and quiet during the class. It’s funny…when you are teaching middle school American kids, who just cant shut up, you are constantly wishing for nice, quiet kids… who just sit there and listen. But after teaching nice, quiet adults…who just sit there and listen, I am starting to miss those rambunctious middle schoolers………

What am I talking about??? Missing middle school adolescents? Ok, yes, I am a bit nutty at times. But thats what makes life so fun and interesting!

Back to reality and teaching my quiet, polite, attentive adult students. Life isn’t so bad, now is it??? 🙂


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