City Girl

I didn’t realize how much of a city girl I am until I had a mini-meltdown yesterday. I have now been here in Maun since January of this year, so almost 10 months. Yesterday was the first day that I began to feel restless about where I live. I have grown so accustomed to traveling all the time, even if it’s on weekends here and there. During outreach season I was so busy and traveling non-stop that it didn’t fase me much. But now things have slowed down, and I’ve been back in town for a while now. (Did I say town??? I meant village)

There is no other way to put it, but an overwhelming feeling of restlessness inside of me, when I am stuck in one place for too long. And not to mention a place with literally NOTHING here. Needless to say, I got a little stir-crazy and almost got in my car and just drove off (not that there is anywere close to drive to).

Thank God for Micheal and Heather, who realized my pain, and took me out to lunch and basically just let me cry on their shoulders. Sometimes, as girls, we just need a good cry. I hadn’t had one in a while, so I was due.

So as a conclusion, we decided that I need a little “mini-vacation” to go somewhere with civilization….to curb my cravings of the city life again. To watch a movie or two… to get a frappacino or iced coffee… to actually drive on roads with pavement and road lines… to see a shopping mall or stores again… to feel the vibe of the city once more permeating through my veins. I’m getting energized once more just thinking about it all.

Now the question is…where will I go and when? J’burg, South Africa is about a 16 hour drive, and the only “city” we have here in Botswana is Gabarone, the capital, a 10 hour drive. Well like the song says, “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long.” And from the looks of it…I will be riding it all night long. 🙂 BUT IT WILL BE TOTALLY WORTH IT!

You can take the girl out of the city….but you can’t take the city out of the girl!

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3 responses to “City Girl

  • Alece

    if you’re gonna be down here in SA, let me know!

  • Sarah

    I think our hearts are the same here as I was just telling Kev I need to get out of Maun! One thing someone told me is that you need to get out of Maun about every six months because it’s so dry and drab. Gabs could be a good getaway for you…..I only have about a month and a half till we go home but I am feeling stir crazy already…..I need a movie and a good cup of coffee (not to mention a break from being mom!)…maybe we should go together! 🙂 Hugs…..I know exactly where you’re coming from!

  • Renae Salazar

    Dear Maureen,

    You don’t know me at all, but I’m your Mom’s oldest friend. We grew up 2 houses away from each other in Willmar. She just sent me an E-mail and among other things gave me the link to your blog. I’m not a blogger, and doubt I’ll get on to read yours again in the near future, but I wanted to let you know that going through several of your posts and reading your “About Me” have really made me feel as if I know you a bit.

    I’m a Precept teacher now at my church in Phoenix, AZ (we’re doing the 3rd semester of Revelation in a 4 semester series) and I’ve also been on staff in the past for 10 years with Bible Study Fellowship and I also taught Beth Moore for a couple of semesters. I wanted to say that I admire what you’re doing and have no doubt that the Lord will use your willingness and availablity for His service in many rewarding ways in the years ahead. Your hunger for His Word and good Bible studies is so great to see. I have that same hunger, and it’s never satisfied either (:>). I am continually amazed that His Word is continually new, alive, powerful and applicable and yet never changes. If you stay grounded in His Word and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, I know you’ll go places and do things you never expected to, and will be changed and used in ways you never thought possible. I look forward to keeping up on your happenings through your Mom’s annual Christmas letter and the in-between E-mails. I said a prayer today for you to be encouraged, strengthened, protected, blessed and used mightily!
    In His Love,

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