Unwanted Visitor

Last night while I was teaching my class at Bible School we had an unwanted vistor…a puffy (puffatter)…..which is a snake for those of you not up on your creatures. We were just finishing up when it slithered its way over to us. Keep in mind that the puffy (the nickname we call it here) is a very dangerous snake….and its extremely poisonous. We have lots of them on our mission plot, but this was the first one I had encountered first hand. I’m not a snake expert, by all means, but I do know that the puffy is a slow snake when it moves, but it is quick to strike and can strike up to twice its size.

As you can imagine, the girls were all screaming and running, and the boys were trying to surround it and kill it. Boys will be boys, and of course they were trying to be all “macho” about it and play around with it instead of kill it right away.

My whole perspective is “kill it right away” before it has the chance to “kill you.” Needless to say, after about 5 minutes, they finally killed it and we all could leave in peace.

Its the one thing that I really don’t want to get used to in Africa though I must…..snakes!

disclamer: I have no idea what the correct spelling for puffatter is…so if I spelled it wrong, please forgive me 🙂


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