‘Tis the season

Not another snake story!!! (I know you are thinking) but here goes: Today Michael and Judah (his 13 year old son) killed a black mambo outside their house. The snake was up in the trees, and the birds were going crazy. Heather has informed me that this is one way to tell that a snake is near…the birds go crazy with their chirping. So Judah comes in the house and gets his pellit gun and is going back out when Heather stops him. He says there is a snake in the tree and Michael immediately goes out with him.

This thing is about 6 feet tall and it took 6 bullets to finally kill him. They they cut off the head and burnt it. The head has all the poison in it so they didn’t want any of the dogs eating it and being poisoned. The rest of the body they hung in a tree in front of their house. The ants will be having a feast in no time!

So here’s the deal: I’ve decided that the next step for me is to shoot and kill a snake. No more of this observing; I need to be a part of the action. I’ve seen my fair share now, and I am ready! No more of this relaxing and letting others have all the fun. I’m ready to step up to the plate!!!

Watch out Africa…I’m ready and armed, and willing to move up the food chain as well….who knows, maybe one day I’ll become a game hunter!!! (Well, probably not, but it’s fun to pretend. I did do quite well on my nephew’s African Safari playstation game 🙂 Cheers!


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2 responses to “‘Tis the season

  • Sarah

    I killed a small grass snake…..that’s about as far as I go, but still I held it up with pride! 🙂 ha! You go girl…go get those snakes!

    So the puff adder went came into the classroom????

  • lvhanson

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Black Mambas…yeah, kill ’em all. You’ve got to take pictures though 🙂 Love the updates, thanks Maureen,


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