The Egypt Plague

I would never had thought I would have first hand knowledge of what the Egyptians actually experienced during God’s plagues on their land during the Moses epic. Ok, so I am exaggerating a bit here, but honestly, we have seriously felt a bit of the wrath here.

For the past couple of days we have been infested with the most disgusting insects EVER! I am talking HUGE locusts and moths!!!! It freaks me out to see them flying all around and attacking…and at night its worse.

It actually reminded me of a movie I saw when I was younger called Lucas, with Corey Haim as a child. This was Corey Haim…pre-Corey Haim/Corey Feldman days. Anyways, he plays this little dorky kid who has a crush on a cheerleader. One part of the movie is all about the locusts…and how is he fascinated by them, and how they were all over, making that nasty noise they make up in the trees. So, it reminded me of that movie, when I hear that loud, horrible noise in the trees now.

I seriously hate these bugs, and seeing them larger than they should be freaks me out! I am only glad that I wasn’t a part of the cast who experienced God’s plagues on Egypt. I don’t think I could have handled it!

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One response to “The Egypt Plague

  • sarah

    You’ll find it will be a “bug pleage” each year. Last year it was stink bugs! Yuck! I don’t miss that! Hope you’re doing well….been thinking of you!

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