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CT…Day 1

Today the highlight was going to Bolders Beach with all the penguins. They really are cute little guys, even though their offical name is the jackass penguin….don’t ask me why. You just want to pick one up and put it in your pocket to take home (although I don’t recommend it). It’s hilarious to see them just walking around on the beach next to people laying out and swimming. We also went to the fishermans warf, where I ate calamari (yumm) and drove to some smaller beach towns. It was so awesome to use my new camera to take lots of pics….I never imagined what a difference a good camera makes when taking pictures. It’s like night and day!(click below on the title to see the photos)(Penguins) (I’m too cute!) (Bolders Beach)


Cape Town

I finally arrived in Cape Town today at 5:00pm….and it was like coming home 🙂 Cape Town is so much like Rio, its incredible….the beaches, mountains, scenary etc. Just the smell of the ocean again was a sweet aroma to me. It took around 20 hours of driving in 2 days to arrive, as we drove the “garden route” to see some of the coast and mountains. I am completely “driven out” and I don’t really want to set foot in my car again for a couple of days. We have many things planned while we are here, but my #1 priority is the beach (of course). Now, I need to get some rest and try to sleep early before the activities begin!


I can say that after two complete days of shopping at malls, I am exhausted! Literally, the phrase, “shop till u drop” applies to us! We were all so excited to be at the malls again (ok…mostly me), but after 2 full days, I’m ready to rest! There’s nothing like getting a whole years worth of “mall time” in 2 days…whew!


We are finally here!!! After a gruelling 10 hour drive down to Gaborone…then another 5 hours to Johannesburg, we made it here at noon today. What was the first thing we did you might be asking? MCDONALDS! We (the Walker family and I) headed for McDonalds to eat at the restaurant of our forefathers. hehehehe (OK, that is pushing it a bit, but after a year one gets sentimental about home food.)

It is so good to be back in a big city…full of people, cars, malls, and everything else! I feel like I’m home again! Tonight we are going to go watch a movie at a movie theater, eat Japanese food, and finally relax.

It’s great to be on vacation!!!!

Last newsletter of 2007


This is my end of year newsletter….I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!!! See you in 2008!!!

LBBI Graduation

Friday night was our Bible School graduation. It was so touching. As a teacher, I wore a cap and gown, and participated in the ceremony. It was such a great night. These students have come through amazing feats to participate in the Bible School, and some have even been shunned by their families for leaving the “traditional religion” practices of Africans to become Christians. We had 16 students graduate this year. To be a part of something this special…the investment of African lives and future generations through these students is something I will hold dear to me forever. I have been blessed to be a small part of their training, and I am looking forward to next year when I will be teaching a missions course during the first semester.

Here are pictures of me with some of my favorite students (Patience, Angela, and Msiba) and Michael and Heather.

Mahango Lodge River Safari


This weekend I took Jodi to Namibia for safari. We had a great time. The place we stayed at is right on the Okavango Delta, so the first night we took a boat ride down the river. We saw tons of hippos, and I was so excited to finally get a picture of a hippo with his mouth open. It is incredible how huge these animals are and when they open their mouths wide, you realize how powerful as well. The teeth are like spears! Its just spectacular!

We also took a drive safari and saw all kinds of animals…it was a joyous time, and a nice break away from the everyday work at the mission.

What a blessing!

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