Back home

We made it! We finally arrived back in Maun yesterday around 3pm. It was such a long and exhausting trip that I immediatley went to bed and slept the entire night. Now its back to life as usual…whatever that is! I am just so thankful that we are all safe and sound. Thanks for all your prayers during our travel fiasco!


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2 responses to “Back home

  • alece

    glad you made it home safely.

  • Joseph Michael Buelow

    WOW, Isnt God AMAZING! A Revelation was felt and is Being Felt in my heart and in my Soul. I’ve Got to crave Jesus More. A Great Holy Fire from the Good Ol’ H2O Needs to happen in my Heart.

    I believe in You and Know you can and will Do anything you set your mind to.

    Remember this, “If thou allow their father to work inside of them, Their Father’s Dreams become Their Dreams. With the power of their Father’s Will, Nothing will stop thou.”

    Basically meaning, if u pray for God to make His Will and Dream Yours. Its promised that You Will Not Fail. (If You Never heard these promises, then I do believe it is Jesus Working inside of me Today.

    I want to goto Rio De Janeiro. Volunteer for a number of days divisibly by Seven, to Allow his Glorification my travel.

    I’ve Just recently turned 22. God’s hand is Deep in my heart. Like No other before thee’

    Only a man, Yes I do sin, yes yes, I do sin. But prayers to God Help me a LOT.

    Without God,
    I could Not Breath.
    I wouldnt even know what a breath was,

    My Dream: Build fitness Gym’s that are Free, in which Glorify God on High and are supported Souly By God’s Love. It’d be wonderful to one day see Them sprout up all over the world. Here and also in Rio De Janeiro.

    Also feed the needy. But one step at a time.

    The blessing is in your hands, not mine.


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