When it rains, it pours!

It has been raining here a bit each day for about 3 weeks straight now…after all it is rainy season. There is flooding all around us: Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe: and last night I thought Botswana might be added to that list. We were at church when it began. Thursday nights are our small group night and we are starting back on our Experiencing God study. As a leader, I have to arrive 30 minutes early to go over the nights lesson. Just about 5 minutes after I arrived the rain came. This wasn’t just a regular rainstorm….it was a downpour! The wind came and blew the rain all around; even inside the middle of the tent we were getting wet. Because our church is a huge tent, each time it rains is a potential for disaster… and last night was no exception. The tent started blowing up and out. The pegs came out of the ground (and we are talking sturdy, heavy pegs). The entire back of the tent behind the stage came down and a part of it ripped into a huge whole. It was not getting any better, and we feared that it would come down any minute. By the grace of God, it miraculously stayed up…and with little damage. We ended up spending most of the time putting the side that fell back up recooperating from the “alsmost disaster”.

After service Michael followed me home to make sure I didn’t get stuck in the mud or flooding that always occurs out by where I live. Thank goodness he did. The gates would not open because of the storm, and we had to manually push them open (which I could have never done by myself). I almost ran over a python (which I didn’t actually see, but Michael told me after). And of course…the electricity was off and on all night long.

As I was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep a thought came over me…”when it rains it pours.” Here, usually we don’t have drizzle days like back home where it casually rains off and on all day. Here, if it rains its a huge storm…thunder, lightning, the whole works. And it occured to me that it doesn’t just rains…it pours! It seems to be the same with me. When God rains down on my life, he pours down. Whether it be grace, mercy, love, etc. it seems to come in torrential downpours. It might be just me, or how I perceive it…but whether it be the physical weather or God it my life…the truth is this: “When it rains, it pours!”


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