My daily dilemma

Ironically, today my devotional was called Overcoming Lonliness. Though it said many things, this one in particular, caught my attention:

Probably most of us at one time or another know the painful pangs of loneliness. We were created for relationships and without sufficient love and human companionship we “limp along in the shadows of life” starving for human love, warmth and connection.

I just happened to read in Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” So, putting the two together brings me to my situation. I do NOT want to as it was said, “limp along in the shadows of life”…what a miserable state to be in. I also do not want a sick heart…which comes from many things, but one being hope deferred. As you know the JOY of being single (capital letters for the sarcastic emphasis), here we have a bit of a dilemma. Not wanting to limp along, but also not wanting a sick heart….so I ask myself: which is the lesser of the two?

Putting my hope in finding that human companship in order to find the love, warmth, and connection that we are created for; while at the same time knowing that if this hope is deferred it could lead to a sick heart. Or giving up hope that you will find that in order to salvage your heart; while experiencing the lack of love and companionship. I have experienced both, and I am honestly torn at which is worse.

Sure, in a perfect world you hope for it and when it comes you end up with neither a sick heart or the pangs of lonliness…but as we all know it is not a perfect world. So I have but one option….

leave it all up to God. After all…I just seem to make a mess out of things anyways and then I am right back where I started from.


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2 responses to “My daily dilemma

  • Joe Plumley

    I agree. too many times i have tried on my own without God and it never seems to work. I think God created lonliness so that we would forget ourselves in one way to find another to create happiness. I had a friend that said Love is selfish, but she couldn’t be more wrong. Creating a relationship with some take large mount of courage and self sacrifice. I think if you live in lonliness you are suffering but also being selfish in the fact you are perhaps creating lonliness for another person. God will help anyone overcome anything if we just make sure we know he is in charge, he will rid our hearts of lonliness if we let him lead the way.

  • lovewillbringustogether

    Good Choice! 🙂

    Are you part of The Bride of Christ? 🙂

    Can i recommend you read all of 1 Cor 7 and Gal 5.

    I have been married, divorced, engaged (to a second wife) and had to call that wedding off. I have known loneliness in the extreme.

    Now i come to know and understand Christ and His Spirit, walking in it at such times as i am able.

    While i am in flesh i will from time to time be concerned with my own loneliness, as a man – when i am in Spirit i have no such concern. He provides all comforts such as are good for the spirit within each of us.

    Such discipline is not for all, as Paul rightly says, but i would wish you no discomfort as you follow Him in this earthly life.



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