Writers block….

Yesterday I sat down to write my lesson for Sunday and nothing came.  I sat and sat and sat, but still nothing. So, I decided to pick up a book and go in a new direction.  I had gotten this book in Cape Town called, Is There Anybody Out There?, so I decided to give it a try.  It is written by Mez McConnell, a missionary in Brazil working with street kids in Belem.  He grew up in England, and the book is his story….going from a child on the streets to a man trying to do something about it.  His story was amazing!  I couldn’t put it down.  He talks about his memories of being abandoned by his parents, physically abused, living on the streets, doing every type of drug, being in prison, and finally getting saved and called to missions.  His story is very real; he doesn’t sugarcoat anything….even with his feelings of Christianity and the church.

 I was overcome by emotion and passion as he shared from his heart, the struggle he still faces today.  As I finished the book (yes, I had to read the whole book in one sitting) I was reminded of that passion inside of me that sometimes gets tucked away with all the administrative aspects involved with my position.  The real reason why we are called to missions: the hurting people.  I realized that I can get so caught up with my own issues of hurt and pain, that others become the side-dish of my day.  It caused a great stirring inside of me, not only for my time here in Botswana, but for my future endeavors, wherever they lie.  If anyone is feeling like I was, and needs a little rejuvenation…find this book and read it.  I promise you, it will re-kindle any passion you ever felt in your life. It’s short and easy to read, and difficult to put down!  

So…..where am I on my writers block?  Today I sat down at my computer and cranked out my lesson for Sunday! Painlessly and effortlessly.     

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3 responses to “Writers block….

  • Reggie Goodin

    Wow. Love the thoughts…very inspiring and challenging. I will try to pick up this book. SInce I have been back to the states, “life” gets in the way and I get busy, involved, and honestly numb to what He is up to in me and around me. Your blog poked that place in my heart where He has been stirring…thanks!!

    Hope you are doing well. Leaving today with LV for a few days in the vanagon. Wish you were with us…like ole times. I told LV my track record on road trips is suspect (no comments from you!), but we are praying the vanagon makes it to each stop!!

    Miss you.

  • Mom

    I’ll have to try to find that book. You gave a very insightful and real “book report”. With your writing gift you will be doing your own book one of these days.

  • tracey mcconnell

    the book is lovely my brother is doing fine he is preaching in scotland at the moment,i am his sister and im doing good as well i live in warwickshire in the uk and have been supporting victims of domestic violence this past ten years :)im not a regular church goer but my 18 year old son is training to be a youth leader in our local church thankfully the cycle of mine and mez,s childhood has been broken

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