First and foremost I must thank everyone for all your prayers during these past 2 days.  I know that I’ve been covered, and I must say it was the easiest road trip I’ve ever had (and that’s saying a lot driving here in Africa!).  I left Sunday morning at 6:30 am and arrived in Harrismith around 2:30 pm Monday afternoon.  I stayed overnight in Lobatse, a town located right at the border of Botswana and South Africa, on Sunday night.  I woke up early Monday morning to finish the 2nd leg of my trip.  I think this was the 1st time I’ve driven so far alone, which was quite the accomplishment for me 🙂  I thought I would end this blog with some fun facts from the trip:

Total Distance in Kilometers traveled: 1667 K

Total Hours Spent Driving: 10 hours (1st day) + 7 hours (2nd day) = 17 hours

Total Amount for Petrol Spent in Botswana (Pula): P1028.85 = (US$158.28)

Total Amount for Petrol Spent in South Africa (Rand): R583.12 = (US$77.75)

Total Amount for Tolls in South Africa (Rand): R149.90 = (US$20)

Total Number of Donkeys/Cows/Goats Seen in Botswana: Too many to even bother counting

***I had a couple of photo moments, but since I was on a mission I didn’t stop to take any (sorry, mom)…but they do deserve mention:

1.  Coming out of Maun, I saw the hugest male Kudo I have ever seen in my life on the side of the road.  It was just standing there staring at me, and I debated long and hard about stopping to take a picture of him, knowing that I probably wouldn’t see one that large again.  In the end, my indecisiveness won out, and I just kept driving.

2.  Right after the Kudo sighting I saw a “Racing Stripes” moment.  My nephew brought that movie when they came to visit, so I had just finished watching it days before.  The scene I saw reminded me so much of a scene from the movie.  On one side of a fence was a zebra and on the other were 3 horses.  They were all facing each other, in what could only be described as being deep in conversation.  It was too cute!  Once again, I thought of backing up to take a photo, but again….nope! ( Watch the movie if you want a visual image. )

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