My First Official Survey

This is ridiculously random, but here goes…..I was brushing my teeth this morning and realized that I was using hot water while I was brushing.  It hit me that I have been doing that for a while now.  I used to ONLY use cold water, but just this past year I began using hot water.  I don’t know why,  but I thought of how wierd it was that I just started changing water temperature since I moved to Africa.  I know….its a crazy thing to even be thinking about, but the mind is a tricky thing.  

Here’s my poll: the first one on my blog……

Do you brush you teeth using hot or cold water????  (Brain surgery type thinking, I know)

Send in your comments now!!!!


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21 responses to “My First Official Survey

  • Katherine Bowman

    Funny, i never really thought about it… but i use cold water. Very few times have i used hot water!!

  • June Fillar

    I must say, “You’re right – it is a weird survey question! But, I would give you a very high mark for creativity. I never really thought about it either, but I usually use cold water. I do know that occasionally I have used warm and wondered at my strange behavior. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules. I would think cold water to be cheaper, if you’re concerned about economics.

  • George

    I use cold water. As I have no plumming I take it out of the fridge and dip my brush in a cup.

  • Grandma P.

    Denture tablets call for a cup of lukewarm water to soak dentures so guess what I use!

  • Judy Allen

    I put my brush under hot running water to soften it, put paste on and brush. I rinse with lukewarm water.
    When you get to my age cold water on the teeth is like an electrical shock!!

  • Mom

    I see that my dentists’ wife has responded to the survey. Figures that something concerning the teeth would capture her attention! I must say that the temperature of brushing teeth water is something I’m very conscious of. I must have had a tooth sensitive to cold that started this but I always use the hot water faucet when brushing teeth. I just try to get done before the water gets too hot. Warm isn’t bad at all. Like mother, like daughter?!

  • Marlene Christensen

    I always brush with warm water. This
    got my attention and took me to Revelations
    3:16. I think from NOW ON I will brush
    with HOT. I’m a bit serious and a bit

  • chuck

    I fill a glass with some cold water,never letting the tap run.I’d feel guilty if i did let the tap run,as some parts of the world barely have water to drink.
    So..yeah i use cold water.

  • Jersey

    i use cold water. my husband uses hot water.

  • Cathy

    I am all for warm. Too cold and it hurts my teeth.I hope this input helps the future of science/dental field : )
    Either temp that comes out on top at least we are all brushing…… question could be what flavor floss do people prefer.

  • Marci

    I think I use cold usually, but I just wet and turn off the water and then turn it back on to rinse.

  • Kat

    cold, but I usually turn the hot water tap on just before I rinse so it’s only a little cold, but not lukewarm… Odd, I know, lol!

  • Aunt Marilyn

    Brush with cold and rinse my toothbrush out with hot. Interesting question Maureen!
    Love ya!

  • Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Maureen!!
    Since we are in Florida, we always use warm water for everything. I find in the winter, I turn on hot water just to feel normal!
    Bless you- Bonnie

  • Rishelle

    My teeth are really sensitive so I use warm water.

  • rejazz

    I’ve always used cold water as warm water just doesn’t feel right in my mouth. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who uses warm or hot water to brush their teeth, and when I read this entry and saw the comments, I was surprised to see how few people actually brush with cold water! I appear to be in the minority.

  • egghead23

    Cold water for me as well. I agree with rejazz — warm water feels wrong.

  • sarah

    I have to say I am the same as you….used to use cold water in America, now I use hot water in Africa! Strange……..funny question though!

  • Tim

    Too funny, but I actually use warm water. It is amazing to me all of the stuff we never really think about.

  • linda johnson

    i use warm water to rinse my sensitive teeth but cold water to wet the brush and clean my tongue off since cold water makes the bristles stiffer. to conserve, the water is off while i’m brushing. interesting question. just like, How many sides does a stop sign have? which most people get wrong.

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