The Shack

I recently finished reading the book, The Shack, by William P. Young.  A friend of mine had met William and wrote about it, and then, coincidentally, my mom read it and sent the book to me.  

Let me start out by saying, WOW!  I don’t even know where to begin in describing how this book impacted me.  I think I cried through much of it, and highlighted the rest.  Living in a world that is anything but simple, it made me re-visit my idealistic views about Christianity and took me back to the “roots.”

Without going into too much details and ruining the plot of the story, I will mention a few nuggets I gleamed from the book (even though I got lots of them)

1.” As well-intended as it might be, religious machineries can chew up people, and spit them out.”

2. “Instead of trying to begin revolutions that will overthrow anything, why don’t we try the quiet daily powers of dying and serving and loving and laughing, of simple tenderness and unseen kindness, because if anything matters, then everything matters.

3.  “What God wants from us is to trust Him with what we can, and grow in loving people around us with the same love He shares with us.  It’s not our job to change them, or convince them…just to love them.”

4. “God’s purposes are always and only an expression of love.”

5. “God is not a noun, He is a verb.  He is alive, active, moving, and doing.”  Why do we put Him in a box as a noun then?

Ok, so I could go on and on, but I will stop with those 5 things.  I am reminded by this book that we must go back to the basics.  We must love and serve others…simply put!  All the rules, systems, institutions etc. are put in place to tell us how to do it, but through our human perspective.  Its a way for us to justify our actions by “playing God.”  Life is about relationships, not “religion.”

I will end by encouraging you to read this book.  It will totally change the way you look at God, or maybe just encourage you to continue looking at Him in that way.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

For more information on the book or author check out:

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4 responses to “The Shack

  • sarah

    Just the other day a friend of mine was telling me about this book….I’d love to borrow your copy when you return if you don’t mind. Good review… you have me curious too! 🙂

  • June Fillar

    Several people have asked me if I’ve read this book. I’m thinking I should.

    Have you ever read “Wisdom Hunter” by Randall Arthur? I wouldn’t say that I agree with everything, but he has a lot of good stuff to think about. I’ve read it twice and would enjoy it again. He has a lot of nuggets in it. It’s about a pastor of a large church whose congregation calls him “General”, because he is so orderly and has everything in a box. His only daughter runs away at 16 because of his rules. Because of a series of terrible events in his life, he finds himself stripped of his most basic assumptions of faith and ends up on a quest to find true wisdom. A worthwhile read.

  • June Fillar

    I finally read “The Shack” several months ago. Wow! The impact was incredible. When Mack and “Mama” are discussing her wounds, and he doesn’t understand that she was there with Jesus, I love her statement, “When all you can see is your pain, perhaps you lose sight of me.” I have a friend who has a terrible life in most aspects, especially in family relationships. I want to give her the book. It is hard to see God’s love in our lives when everything seems to scream that He has forsaken us. Love this book.

    In April, I read two old books that also had a great impact on me. My step mother loaned me “The Shepherd of the Hills” set in the Ozarks. They do a play based on it down in Branson, MO. Very good.

    My dad gave me “The Robe,” by Lloyd C. Douglas a year ago, and I finally read it. It is a fiction story about what happened to Jesus’ robe – the impact it had on those who came in touch with it. It moved me so much, I am still thinking about it a week later.

    • moweezle

      Oh my goodness! I loved The Robe!!! I read that a long time ago, but it had such an impact on me too. Its still one of my most favorite books of all time.

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