Girls Eyes Only

I must warn any guys in advance that this blog entry is going to be “girly material.” If you still choose to proceed, don’t complain to me!

So, I’m really not a chocolate lover at all. Don’t like chocolate cake, chocolate candy bars (unless its a Mars or Almond joy and has coconut), and most chocolate desserts.  (though I do enjoy hot chocolate, but I’m realising its more of the “hot” that I like to warm me up)

I know, it breaks all the girl stereotypes out there, but what can I say.  I usually crave more salty than sweet. Give me chips and salsa any day of the week!  But, there is one time when I actually do feel the need to eat some M&M’s or a Hershey’s kiss or two.  Girls, can you all feel where I’m going with this?  (PMS, hush hush) Its the only time when I ever want chocolate.  Yes, its a small amount that I crave, but I do crave it nonetheless.  So, today when I was wishing for a bag of peanut M&M’s I knew what was coming and thought… “Lovely!”

The joys of womanhood.  Yeah, I know all the talk about how we are blessed, because it gives us the ability to bear children.  But, wouldn’t it be sooooo wonderful to be blessed with the ability to bear children without the monthly reminder of it?!?  hehehe  

Tell me….what is the one thing you crave when your time is coming?!?  (This question is for my really brave girl friends or some really, really brave and a bit strange guy friends…I don’t know, maybe they have girlfriends or wives or sisters)

ps…next topic: cramps, bloating, and mood swings.  (just joking)


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6 responses to “Girls Eyes Only

  • sarah w

    This is too funny!

    I crave M&M’s and Top Decks! Just wait though……this “monthly” then turns into something totally different when you are expecting. Yes, you get nine months off, but my cravings were wild during pregnancy!

  • alece

    you make me smile…

    i’m not sure that i crave anything…?!?! i know that’s weird. but… possibly true. i’ll have to be on the lookout.

    (i am overdue in emailing you back… hope to have some time to write in the next few days!)

  • Rishelle

    sleep…as soon as i wake up it is all i can think about until night…its not food but something i enjoy far too much when that time comes around

  • Katherine

    actually i enjoy just about everything, but i’m with you…mostly chocolate. Dove dark chocolate to be exact!!

    love you mo!

  • Katherine

    Hey i just got done looking at all your photos on your myspace site. You are rockin’ that Harley and where did you get the black dress you wore for the Valentine’s banquet?? HOT! 🙂

  • moweezle

    Katherine: Really…you liked it? I actually designed it then took a picture to this guy I know from Zimbabwe who makes dresses. I found the material at this China shop…turned out pretty nice, eh?

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