Pimp My Ride

If you have been following my blog, you know the saga behind R2 (my car).  Just to quickly recap: while in Johannesburg this past Christmas, my car was broken into and almost stolen.  They took out the ignition and the door locks.  So, for the past 5 months I have been starting my car with a screwdriver, while waiting on the ignition part.

Yesterday, I was able to get the part, only to find out it was the wrong one (TIA). BUT, the awesome thing about Africa is how they deal with situations like this.  The exact words from the mechanic were, “We can just modify it to fit.” Awesome! Because my car is an import from Japan, the part needed was 1 millimeter shorter than the part received.  You wouldn’t think 1 mm would be that different, but it is. They decided to “modify” it by filing off the end somehow to make it fit. 

Once the part was fixed, problem #2 occurred.  The new key would not come out of the ignition switch. They then had to “modify” it even more to solve that one. (don’t ask me how…I just cared that they did it) Finally, after a day of modification, my car now has a key!  No more ghetto driving for me… R2 is back to his full self again!  (I might just miss the ghettofication of it all though: yes, thats my word for it.  I was getting quite accustomed to driving that way.  But as I know, you can’t live in the past…gotta move forward)


Above are some before pictures of the missing ignition and me starting the car with my screwdriver key


After photos: who would have thought something as mundane as a key could bring such happiness!

Do you think after all R2 has been though this past year he would have qualified for the Pimp My Ride show in the states?


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