Driving back on the “right” side of the road

Today was my first time driving in the states since I got back home.  Its been almost 2 years of driving on the opposite side of the road in the opposite side of the car.  You would think that since I pretty much drove my whole life on the right hand side that it would come back to me easily…. you would think.

My brother and I drove to get petrol and Taco Bell and his exact words were, “you’re going to kill us.”  I had a couple of momentarily lapses when I just instinctively turned onto the other side of the road.  Oops!  I also kept hitting the windshield wipers for the turn signal, since the bar is also on the opposite side of the steering wheel.

But, we made it home safely and now I’m ready to tackle the lanes again!

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5 responses to “Driving back on the “right” side of the road

  • Thiago Tatagiba (from Brazil)

    I’m reading your blog mrs Milham!
    Miss u so much … u know that!

    Thats always the same msg isnt it? “miss u and blah blah blah”!

    Anyway I’m reading your blog now and I already bookmarked it! 🙂
    After reading I will tell u what I thought!


    p.s. glad u made a facebook

  • Thiago Tatagiba (from Brazil)

    here again to say that the story about ya cars and rats and …. whatever…. was totaly cool!

  • katie

    is it bad that now all I can think about is wanting some Taco Bell (and it’s 9am…)?

  • driving instructor

    I don’t know exactly why but the most dangerous time for me when transitioning from driving on one side to the other is when I leaving car parks – so, just in case it’s similar for you, I urge extra care when driving away from car parks!

  • alece

    turning is when it gets me, too!

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