Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Yellow Bourbon

My mom brought me two new types of coffee beans, one being Tanzanian Peaberry and the other, Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Yellow Bourbon.  Naturally I choose to try the Brasil one first (no offense Tanzania), but this one reigns from the state of Sao Paulo, close to the Minas Gerais state border. (I did my homework) The beans come from an organic farm, or “green” to be politically correct.  This coffee is not only award winning, Cup of Excellence, its also not massed produced, choosing quality over quantity.  

All this to say….YUMMMM! I made the right choice this morning, and I’m enjoying my Cup of Excellence from my beloved Brasil.

ps. Don’t panic!  Tomorrow I will try the Tanzanian Peaberry and let you know the outcome of that too.

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