Not only in Africa…

Yesterday afternoon we had a bit of excitement at my parents house.  My brother was outside and called for us to come quickly.  Tipsy, our cat, had cornered a snake right outside the house.  You usually only see garter snakes in Michigan, but this was no garter.  It was hissing profusely and flattened his head out like a cobra, raising it up in defense.  We immediately got the cat away from him and picked him up with the pool skimmer.  

What happened next was funny.  He opened his mouth in a lock-jaw position and laid there like he was dead.  Everyone actually thought he was dead (except me…I thought he was faking his death until the danger had receded.)  My dad then grabbed him with the pool skimmer and took him out to the woods and let him go.

This morning my mom and I looked in our handy-dandy Reptiles & Amphibians of Michigan Field Guide book to see if we could find it.  We discovered he was actually an Eastern Hognose Snake, native of Michigan. It explained that they were famous for feigning death and raising its head and flattening its neck like a cobra. What was really crazy is that they are also called Puff Adders.  YES, my beloved Puffy from Africa! I’m telling you….these guys just can’t get enough of me.  They even follow me half-way around the world!  Take a look at our beloved Eastern Hognose Snake (aka….puffy)


P.S. In response to “Get a Job”: I now have one…snake charmer.  Prices vary according to size and type of snake… You can call me anytime and I will come take care of your friendly neighbors.  Hope you are my first customer P.D!


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