Reaching the next generation

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak at my aunts church in Minnesota about Botswana.  While speaking at churches is a regular occurance for a missionary during furlough, its usually done speaking to adults in the main service.  Now, from a missionary perspective, this is practical in many ways.  

1. Its the adults who support you financially and spiritually.

2. The adults can grasp the “big picture” of what your ministry is trying to accomplish.

3. Its just what you do.

….but sometimes we need to put practical aside and reach out beyond “practical”.

Sooooo, being that my aunt is the children’s pastor for her church, she also asked me to come back and give a presentation to the kids.  I have to say, I was more excited about the prospect of speaking with children than adults (thats probably my teaching background coming out).  I put together a slide show, I brought fun show-n-tell items for them to see, and we put together a “what they eat” segment where I actually cooked fried cabbage in front of them and they could taste it.  (Most of them weren’t too thrilled about the fried cabbage, but they LOVED the fat cakes we made.)  I also shared the differences between being a kid in the US verses being a kid in Botswana.

Overall, it was awesome!  They loved the pictures, the food, the stories, and all the animals they saw.  As I was leaving I realized how important it is to bring awareness to children about other cultures and areas of the world and how we can help them.  If we are going to try to make an impact on our world, we need to start not only reaching out to those who can help us now, but also to those who will be out there doing the work in the next generation. Adults are important to reach, but lets not forget the children! As Whitney says, “I believe the children are our future.”  hehehe

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6 responses to “Reaching the next generation

  • alece

    for about the first 8 years of ministry, niel and i spoke more often in youth groups and children’s church classes and school chapel services than we ever did in “adult church”.

    i think God honors that willing obedience… good for you!

  • Mom

    I enjoyed the slide show with the sparkling stars. Nice added touch. Thanks for putting some of the family pictures on here also. Love the picture with Grandpa and Ellie. Now how do I get my picture to show up with my reply. Then I won’t just be assigned a silly character. But then with my photogenic face, maybe that’s not so bad!
    Love ya,

  • airynn

    So Mo, how is it being back in America for you? Really. Just wanted to see how your experiences compare to mine. I know you have been “home” before so just wanted to hear your take on it all.

  • katie

    You were in my neck of the woods (kind of)…I grew up in Northern Iowa. Whohoo for the midwest 🙂

    Most importantly, did you check out the mall of america?

  • moweezle

    ummm, Yes and no. I had already been there before but we went again on our way home. I was not feeling well that day (it was the first day of my never-ending head cold/sore throat issue) So we only went there for a few hours…but normally, I love that place!

  • Katherine

    ok, so how do you make fat cakes????

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