They said what???

I have encountered many people on my trip from various parts of the world in Israel, and some quotes were too good to pass up.  Here are some of my quotable quotes that I enjoyed…

From my Jordian tour friend in Bethlehem: “Believers….do they not have the smoke and alcohol?  Maybe I can quit the smoke.  What do you think?”

A Filipino who was sitting next to me on the bus to Jerusalem during our discussion of America: “You are very lucky to be natural.  I want too much to go to America for work, but I do not have $10,000 for visa.”

A random Israeli who was walking next to me on the streets in the Old City: “You from where?” (Me: The States) “Swimming.” (and he makes swimming motions with his arms) “8 golds today” (Me: Oh, Phelps?) “Yes, Yes!!! (very excitedly) Then he turns the corner and goes about his business.

A Canadian Jewish girl from Toronto who stayed in the hostel with me for 2 nights in Tel Aviv on our discussion of staying in a Christian guest house: “So whats the deal with this missionary thing?  Is it a Christian thing or something cuz I keep hearing people talking about missionaries.  I’ve never even heard of that word before today.”

Comparing Tel Aviv with Africa: “It will be much harder for you here than in Africa.” (Me:Oh, You’ve lived in Africa too?) “No, but I just know.”  (Me: :{  no comment)

In response to my day in Bethlehem: “You did what?!?”

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