Toot your horn

Keeping with the theme of yesterday’s post (Nostalgia), comes todays blog.  At Micheal’s middle school all the 6th graders are required to take either Band, Choir, or Orchestra.  Micheal decided to sign up for band giving the following reason, “Orchestra has to meet in the morning before school starts at like 6:30 am, so there was no way I was doing that, and choir is singing.”  As you can see, he chose band by default.  In 5th grade the middle school band teacher came to the schools and let the kids try different instruments to see what they liked and/or were good at.  Following in the footsteps of his aunt, he chose the trumpet. (Yes, I played the trumpet while I was younger for those of you who had no idea.)

If you are still shocked by this last revelation, let me elaborate.  When I was in elementary school we started playing instruments in 4th grade. I originally wanted to play the flute (a girls instrument), but with the suggestion of my music teacher I ended up playing the trumpet (a boys instrument, in my mind).  But here’s the thing… I was really good.  I’m not just exaggerating; I was always 1st chair all the way through middle school.  Then in high school we had to choose between band and playing sports, and of course I chose sports.  I love music, but I also love playing volleyball and softball. (I also grew up in the school where band was for geeks and I’m sure that had something to do with my choice as well.)

Anyways, now that I’m older and wiser, I can look back and realize what a mistake it was to quit playing. Though I didn’t play in the band in high school, I wish I would have kept playing on my own.  I miss playing an instrument and having that aspect of music in my life.  Even in Brasil I started playing violin and flute and taught Music classes at the school I worked at; its a passion inside me that just won’t die…….

We are going to go pick up Micheal’s trumpet this week.  I’ve decided to pass on my wisdom and help him learn how to play while I am still here.  It’s funny how life goes full circle and here I am returning to my trumpet roots.  Now I’m getting a second chance on an opportunity missed the first time ’round.

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