September: My Month-long Challenge

A new month is approaching and with it comes many new beginnings.  School starts back up, football season begins, TV shows rear up new seasons, and Fall will soon show its face.  In honor of all the new beginnings, and me actually being in the states during this time, I am taking the month of September and making it into my “getting back in shape” month.  

Not that I’m completely out of shape…as Micheal says, “Why do you have to exercise and try to get in shape when you’re already skinny?”   For me, it has nothing to do with weight, per say.. but more with being healthy and strong.  I want to build up some stamena, so I’m not totally dying when I actually do exercise. (Plus I NEED to make it to the expert level in Dance Dance)

Soooo, that being said, I am taking the entire month of September and putting health back into my lifestyle. Daily exercise and healthy eating (no more American junk food) will be on the schedule.  I will be tracking my progress on the sidebar of the blog (note the football counter in honor of the season).  Make sure you keep me accountable and that my little football is progressing down the field.

And for those of you who are up to the challenge, I ask you to join me.  I’ve already recruited my sister and nephew….the more the merrier!

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5 responses to “September: My Month-long Challenge

  • alece

    good for you!

    i’ve been trying to get back to a certain weight forever. i thought one of the benefits of this surgery was not only the weight i’d lose by removing the two cantaloupes from the back of my throat, but the fact that i’d be on a liquid-only diet for a week.

    i weighed myself a few days ago.

    and i weighed MORE than i did before the surgery!

    there goes my plan.

    but power to ya, friend!

  • moweezle

    Shame! I guess those little guys didn’t weigh the 10 pounds they claimed to. You’ll just have to join my plan then!!! hehehe

  • Warren

    Good for you!

    One of the best decisions I made was to get myself healthy again. After you make that commitment and stick with it, it changes your life. I do however get sick of people telling me how they “wish they had my metabolism” or how “I wish I could eat whatever I wanted”. 99% of being healty is diet and exercise, there are no magic pills or cures (yet). Lose the mayo, skip the chips, avoid the cheese and you will see and feel a big difference. When people see me eating a burger, it’s lean buffalo. When they see me eating a sub, there is no cheese, it’s all what you choose.

    Now, that being said, you can’t deprive yourself either. There is nothing better than a piece (or four) of pizza on a Friday night, you just have to work hard Saturday to get back on track.

    Good luck, and I suggest the Portage trail to run on. It’s covered by trees and safe.

  • Álvaro

    Hello Maureen!

    I was just bored here at work when my mind started drifting and somehow I remembered you had a blog so I decided to check it out.

    I’ve been going thru the stuff you have posted here for the past 40 min and I must say it’s quite the experience you’re having.

    You certainly have come a long way from teaching upper class kids in a christian international school. Your visit to the walled city was quite entertaining to read and I imagine it really took some guts to pull that off, I’m impressed! You seem very fulfilled and I am happy for you.

    Anyways, I have also been trying to put in some exercise in my daily routine, especially in the morning but I haven’t found the courage to wake up 1 hour earlier to do it. (although I do try every single morning) So good luck with that!

    That’s it, just figured I’d drop by and let you know you still have friend in Brazil. See you!

  • Katherine Bowman

    Hey Mo! Good idea! I read somewhere that at this stage of my pregnancy now i should have gained between 5-8 lbs. Well i got on the scale and dropped 8 lbs! I then realized that that 8 lbs. is muscle that i lost!

    Ok, i’m with you on this for September! i need to get back in shape, mostly lifting weights and toning my muscles. Because i’m sure once the baby (or babies) are born, i’ll have some running to do!

    And hi to Alvaro!!!!! 🙂

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