Jonas Brothers vs The Beatles

My nephew, Micheal, was singing these lyrics the other day, “Hello, hello.  I don’t know why you say goodbye and I say hello.”   And I was like, I love that song, how do you know it?  And his reply was, “Its the Jonas Brothers song for that commercial.  Everyone knows it!” 

Ummmmmmmm.  Yeah.  That was pretty much my response.  What’s the world coming to when kids are singing Beatles songs, thinking they are by the Jonas Brothers.  Oi vey.  (FYI: its a Target Commercial)

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9 responses to “Jonas Brothers vs The Beatles

  • alece

    i’ve never even heard the jonas brothers (that i know of anyway), but i keep hearing/seeing their name everywhere. everywhere. are they the latest boy band craze or what???

  • moweezle

    Pretty much. I guess they are Disney Channel proteges, sorta like Hannah Montana, but now they are main stream. Its insane!!! See all the stuff we miss out on while living in Africa. hehehehe

  • missionarymomma

    I had never heard of them or Hannah Montana till we went home last year. I think now they are even more popular. Jessie, one of our interns loved them! I can’t say much….I sorta have a thing for boy bands and probably would really like the Jonas brothers. 🙂 I do agree with you…..very scary when this generation will know that song as a Jonas bros song instead of a Beatles song!

  • someone

    Far out. That is really quite annoying how your nephew thinks that The Jonas Brothers sing that song. It doesn’t even sound like them and as much as I don’t like The Beatles, it is blaspehmy to get the two bands mixed up. The Jonas Brothers are just a bunch of young teeny bopper, bubblegum crap musicians that Disney has thrown their arms arounds. The Beatles, well, the rest is history. You know what the sad thing is about The Jonas Brothers and their success? If it wasn’t for their constant television appearances and the backing of Disney, they would be nobodies. Just this morning on a morning breakfast show on TV, some “blonde” journalist said that The Jonas Brothers are being compared to The Beatles and that they are having Beatle like success. WTF? Give me a break. The Beatles were big in a time when the world’s population was only 2.5 billion and after just two years of being a band, The Beatles had sold 150,000,000 records. That is undescribable success. Four years after forming and 3 years after all the hype, The Jonas Brothers have not even passed the 10 million mark in sales yet and the population of Earth is about 7.5 billion. That makes The Beatles, about 1000 times more commercially successful than The Jonas Brothers. Anyone who say they are similar needs to stop being arrogant and shallow and get a life. If the Jonas Brothers were as successful they would have about 8 no. hits by now, but they’ve noyl cracked the top 5 once time.

  • someone

    8 no.1 hits that is.

  • Judy Allen

    The Jonas Bros. don’t compare to the Beatles!!! No one sings the Beatles songs better than the Beatles. The Jonas Bros. can try but their efforts are nil. The only thing I can say about the J boys are that their easy on the eyes. If you’ve seen them on their TV program you know they better stick to singing! That’s my opinion! Ta-ta.

  • chaim

    did i ever tell you that i worked with the jonas brothers before they were famous?

    true story.

    remind me to tell you about it sometime…you’ll laugh and laugh….

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