Not another coffee blog….

Yep! It’s another coffee blog, so go grab a cup and join me…

Normally, I am a coffee with sugar drinker only.  I am lactose intolerant, so cream isn’t an option for me, but Africa also had an impact on my coffee drinking.  There are no froofy-schmoofy flavors to choose from in Maun, Botswana, if fact…there’s no good coffee at all (unless you are into Ricofee or Ace chicory…gross!) Thanks to the wonderful people in my life who sent me coffee beans while I was there, I actually survived. Ok, I digress.  Anyways, the point being that I got accustomed to drinking coffee with just sugar.

BUT, back in the states coffee with just sugar doesn’t seem to be the norm.  You can go to Starbucks and order a carmel macchiato, double shot, triple whip, venti, soy milk, extra carmel etc.  A bit different from putting a few spoons of sugar in the coffee.  So, I decided when in Rome….

I don’t have the funds to go to Starbucks everyday to feed my habit, so I started out small.  My sister was gracious enough to get me two bottles of Coffee Mate, Cinnamon Vanilla and Coconut Late (which are lactose free by the way).  I’ve been putting the flavors in my coffee for the past 3 mornings and I think I’m now hooked. It is sooooo good!!!  

Ummm, I hope Israel has Coffee Mate, or I’ll be back to coffee with sugar.  I guess that temporary bliss is better than no bliss at all 🙂

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