Heads or tails

One comment I hear a lot is, “You are so lucky to be able to travel.”  While that is absolutely true…I am very fortunate to go where I go…I hope people comprehend that I’m not traveling all over the world on holiday.  I sometimes think my life is misunderstood, and what is seen is the “travel” side of it. (I’m sure many of you missionaries can relate.)

I have traveled to many places, but mostly being places where I have lived.  Living in another country is NOT the same as traveling there on a short term basis.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining about it, but its not all fun and daisy’s either.

There are many trade-offs to traveling and living in a foreign country.  Yes, I get to experience all the highs, but lets face it…there are lows too.  I hardly ever get to see my family and friends back in the states, and I am constantly loosing friends wherever I am (who mostly come and go as I do). Adapting to a new culture and a completely different way of living, as well as not knowing the language isn’t the easiest thing to do, not to mention the heartache of seeing the suffering throughout our world, first-hand.  This is the choice I make, after all; and I’m happy to make it.

All this to say, Yes…I am extremely fortunate and grateful to be able to travel and the experience of it all.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But as we all know, there are two sides to every coin.


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2 responses to “Heads or tails

  • lovewillbringustogether

    So True – definitely two sides to everything (sometimes even more than two).

    Is very much human nature to look at only one side (frequently but not always the ‘good’ side) of other people and their experiences/qualities.

    Hopefully, through being aware of His Infinite Majesty, we learn to see beyond a single ‘face’ and recognise the true ‘values’ of the whole – given time 🙂

    it’s all for Him – and he rewards those who see that! 🙂


  • alece

    i understand completely.

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