In 10 Years I’ll be…..

My senior year in high school we did the typical surveys of like, “Most Athletic” or Best Smile” etc.  We also filled out questionaires answering various fill in the blanks and one of them was, “In 10 years I’ll be….” When we graduated they gave us all a packet with the category winners and what everyone answered for the short essays.  

I bring this up because last night I was back in my high school hometown and ran into some old friends.  I was actually in town to see my amazing friend, Michelle, perform in Sweeny Todd at the community theatre. (She was AWESOME by the way!)  She could have easily chosen a career in music or theatre, but instead after college got married and has 2 incredible children.  This got me thinking last night about how different her life would have been had she persued career over family, which led me back to my high school questionaire.

Its so funny how we have noooo idea what life is really about at that age, and even trying to predict where we’ll be in 10 years is a bit silly (even though if I remember correctly Michelle did say she would be married with a family and living in Marysville, go figure).  So, what did I say?  

I said in 10 years I’d be living in Arizona doing something in politics.  Back in the day I wanted to be in congress and since I knew I was going to ASU, I assumed I would be living in Arizona.  Here I am now, far from living in Arizona and being in American politics.  Life is full of twists and turns, but thank God I am living by His plan and not mine.

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