My Quick $.02

I don’t usually write about politics or US economy, but it seems like its all I hear right now.  When I’m overseas I just get snippets about what’s going on, and even then it doesn’t phase me much.  I don’t want to sound cynical or simplistic, but for me it comes down to this… ‘with much power comes much responsibility’. Whether it be power in your job, your family, your business, your choices, or your country; if you have any power whatsoever you have responsibility.  

The problem seems to be that we have taken that responsibility for granted and now we are in a financial crisis.  Many Americans have an incredible amount of credit card debt, yet continue to shop like crazy.

Our country has been extremely blessed and many opportunities abound here.  I have met soooo many people from around the world who would give anything to live in the states.  WE ARE BLESSED!  But I will say it again: with power (and blessing) comes responsibility.  I hope we are beginning to understanding that!?!


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2 responses to “My Quick $.02

  • lovewillbringustogether

    The longer i live on this planet, the more i come to the conclusion that the ONE thing humans are so bad at – is accepting personal responsibilty – for anything.

    It is almost a national Passtime for everyone from the President or Prime Minister on down of finding ways to shirk your responsibility , avoid it, pass it to someone ( or something else – like God for example) or believe you are acting responsibly for one small thing while being completely irresponsible for something larger ( like the care and protection of life on our planet for example).

    Don’t stand for it – set the example and demand everyone else follows yours. It is the only thing that could ever change the pattern.


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