So, I’ve been tagged by my friend in Botswana, Andrea.  I have to now share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself…here I go.

1. I NEVER tell anyone my middle name for personal reasons, so if you know it consider yourself a really special person.

2. I have lived on 3 different continents…and will be 4 soon.

3. I actually prefer speaking in Portuguese over English.  I don’t have many chances to speak it now, but I would in a heartbeat. (Sometimes I talk in port. to myself)

4. I have recently started watching Lipstick Jungle on NBC.  I think this has now become my new guilty pleasure.

5. My secret job ambition is to be an undercover CIA agent (think Sydney Bristow).  

6. If I could afford really good wigs, I would totally shave my head and go bald. Changing my hairstyle and look would be way too fun.  Plus, not worrying about washing, conditioning, blow-drying, highlighting, etc. would be a dream come true.

7. My most favorite movie of all time is Star Wars (the original trilogy).  I have probably seen those films more than 200 times.  Yes, I’m a Star Wars Geek!

There you go…information about me that you never needed or wanted to know! Here are the 7 people I tag: Alece, Char, Angie, Katherine, Katie, Tim, and Reggie. Go get em!!!


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5 responses to “Tagged!

  • Andrea

    Yay! So glad to see the post! Here are my reactions:
    a. You would be an awesome Sidney Bristow. I say go for it!
    b. I completely relate with the wig issue. I joke with the kids often that one day I am going to just shave all my hair off like a true Motswana.
    c. I am quite impressed…maybe a little concerned….that you have seen any movie 200 times. I get pretty sick of them as the number nears 20.

    Nice to learn some fun randoms about you, friend!

  • moweezle

    Ok, let me clarify for all of you about the 200 times…For a long time in Brazil, then Africa I did not have tv, and I didn’t have many dvds; therefore, I would watch the ones I had (Star Wars). Plus, I would sometimes just put them in for background noise doing other things. Pathetic, I know… but thats me! hehe

  • alece

    i would LOVE to know your middle name now!

    the whole wig thing is a little creepy, but sydney bristow? you go girl. she was my hero for a long time there!

  • moweezle

    Alece: tsk,tsk,tsk…its my little secret, and the wig thing is just…dont you just get sick of having to take care of your hair? I get in ruts of just pulling it back cuz I dont want to do anything with it, hence the wig! 🙂

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