Faraway Friends

I read an article today titled, Faraway Friends, which tackles the subject of maintaining friendships despite living long-distance lives.  The subject immediately caught my eye, as pretty much every friendship I have is a faraway one.  I could totally relate to everything the author said, and found myself thinking about past relationships that were lost due to distance.  

Living the nomadic lifestyle that I do, the friendships I do have are sooooo important to me.  There are days when I LIVE on emails and messages from family and friends, but I also want my relationships to be more than just emails.  In the article she gives 10 ways to maintain those faraway friendships. 

10 Ways to Get Personal: 

  1. Choose a time of day (coordinating time zones) when you can commit to praying for each other.
  2. Send photos! Not just the kids’ school pictures, but photos of anything important in your life—a new hairstyle, your latest gardening or remodeling project, your children’s everyday antics, new friends.
  3. Create a code between the two of you that says, “I’m thinking of you—you’re special.” Maybe it’s a particular greeting or closing to your letters. Sometimes Leslie and I call each other and let the phone ring just once. It makes me stop and enjoy the warmth of knowing she’s thinking about me—even if it was a wrong number!
  4. Always send a birthday card—unless you’ve agreed ahead of time not to do cards.
  5. Make it a habit to hit that reply button on the e-mail, even if it’s just a short note. Don’t wait so long between letters that it takes a novel to catch up on your life.
  6. Never underestimate the effectiveness of that oft-maligned Christmas newsletter to keep friends up-to-date. Just don’t send the newsletter to everyone.
  7. Talk about your friend to others. Saying her name out loud and “introducing” her to others keeps your friendship alive.
  8. If you’re on e-mail, send a “real letter” every once in a while—something pretty or a funny card or even a comic from the newspaper that made you laugh.
  9. Create your own traditions. My mom and her best friend sent each other the same birthday card for years. They added a personal letter each birthday and kept that special card in a safe place the rest of the year.
  10. Embrace when you finally see each other again!

I’ve vowed to myself to begin implementing some of these tips into my life…..WATCH OUT FRIENDS, YOU’RE GETTING MORE OF ME THAN YOU MIGHT HAVE EVER WANTED 🙂

(to read the full article: Todays Christian Woman)

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5 responses to “Faraway Friends

  • sarah w

    Great article!!!! I’ve found that I do many of these and the best one was the last one…..I finally got to do that when my friend came two weeks ago!!! 🙂

  • ksa

    I don’t even know how I first came across your blog, but I have been reading for a little while and I want to thank you for including this article. I also live overseas and therefore now have friends all over the world. Sometimes the distance feels overwhelming to try to over come. I was encouraged by your thoughts on the matter. Thanks.

  • Andrea M.

    This is really good! I am going to have to pass this on, too.
    It’s comforting to know how much you relate to all I am feeling right now. We will definitely need to chat a bunch over the holidays! Skype would be great if you have it!
    You are an inspiration, Maureen, and I’m so excited to see all that God does in you during this next life season!

  • alece

    oh – i love it.

    when i read your first paragraph, i thought, “that’s the story of my life!”

  • Rafa

    awww! such a good article. I miss my faraway friends.. and i miss you!

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