Download, please!

I’m back in the world of not understanding.  I had forgotten what it was like, not to be able to understand the language until now.  Its funny how when I think of my time in Brazil, it seems like I just always knew portuguese; but that was NOT the case.  When I first moved there, I couldn’t understand or speak the language at all. I had forgotten all about the zoning out, the translating, the ‘what did they just say?’ moments. But, it all came flooding back to me this morning when I attended congregation.  

I had absolutely NO idea what he was saying, except for a few words here and there. I sat there wishing I was a computer with a download button to press, and Hebrew would just filter into my mind.  Within seconds I could speak, read, and write…what a feature that would be.  But, alas…I’m not a computer, so I must patiently learn until the day comes when I’m fluent once again.  Boy, I wish that day was today!


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