Mediterranean Monday: Cats

It seems like each city has its fare share of stray animals.  In South America there are a lots of mutts running around everywhere; Africa too, along with donkeys, cows, and goats.  Well, here in Tel Aviv the number one animal lurking around each corner is a cat!  My goodness, they are seriously everywhere!  It doesn’t help much that everyone feeds them, so not only are there cats running around wild; but they are well-fed, fat ones (which translates to: not going to die anytime soon and quite able to add to their gang).

I guess the reason it bugs me so much is because I’m not a big cat person. Truthfully, these cats are not bothering me at all, and they actually tend to ignore me while I’m walking.  They don’t beg, they aren’t loud, and they don’t attack…….but still, there’s something I don’t like.  

Anyways, whether I approve or not, the cats are here to stay so if you are coming to visit anytime soon be ready to see hundreds of cats each and every day!


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4 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: Cats

  • Rebecca

    ha i love the picture. shame, that is disgusting i don’t like cats either. unfortunate that they are taking over Tel Aviv. 😉

  • CHUCK SHoemaker

    So….you are saying if hypothetically…if i was allergic to cats…a visit to Tel Aviv would really blow chunks?!

  • Katherine

    I LOVE cats, but I don’t think i would be picking up one of those anytime soon! Your post made me remember one day when i was at the beach in Rio by myself. I was sitting there and this pack of dogs came running up to a guy not too far from me. I thought they were going to chew his leg off! 🙂 I remember sitting there and praying that they wouldn’t see me when they ran by! There’s just something out the strays that wander!!

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