Mediterranean Monday: Hummus

As George Clooney so elequently stated in an early Friends episode, “God Bless the Chick Pea.” Hummus (or hommos, like its pronounced here) is a staple in the Middle Eastern diet.  It is a common part of meals for Israeli’s, used as an appetizer, dip, or the main dish.  I have discovered there are many different brands and flavors of hummus found in the grocery stores, depending on your taste…(there’s even a hummus light, for those dieting fanatics who just can’t give it up).  

My favorite way to eat hummus is spread across warm flatbread (a type of pita), the key being warm. Ohhhh, its just soooo wonderfully good!  I’ve also seen people use it with plain old bread, crackers, hard-boiled eggs, or with chicken.  

It’s been said that hummus is an ‘adopted’ Israeli Jewish dish, since it is traditionally an Arab food.  I really don’t care where its origins are, I’m just happy its here in Israel and its here to stay!!!


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9 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: Hummus

  • KSA

    Yummy… I wish the people were I live would adopt hummus, but it is just not a part of the regular Uyghur diet (noodles and mutton). I have made it a few times myself and it was alright, but not nearly as good as the real thing. Enjoy.

  • Rebecca

    I love Mediterranean Monday and seeing bits and pieces of your new culture!

  • Katie

    I’m jealous!

    Secretly, one of the highlights from spending the last week in Cape Town was the 3 kinds of hummus at Pick n Pay. Have you tried it with carrots or apples?

    what’s your favorite kind?

  • Katherine

    I remember the first time i tried hummus was with you when you lived in New York. We walked to the little resturant a few blocks down from where you lived, do you remember?

  • Maureen

    Yes, of course!!! I have a picture at that restaurant…I didn’t know that was your first hummus experience! How funny 🙂

  • June Fillar

    I enjoyed hummus when I was in Israel. It has become a staple. Have you tried schwarma (sp?)? You must, if you haven’t. It’s great. Falafel is good, too.

  • June Fillar

    I’m so excited to get your reports. I hope to be sending you a little bit of money. If the Lord will enable me, I would like to give a regular monthly amount – maybe $25. I’m praying about it. It is something I want to do out of my own money that Tom gives me to spend personally. I’m asking the Lord to give me some purse/bag orders. We’ll see. I’m so proud of you. I’m also glad we got to spend a little time together this summer. It is so much better to actually know someone up close rather just know them from afar.

  • alece

    hummus made it onto our wall of thanks on thanksgiving!

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