Mediterranean Monday: Crosswalks

dscf12341 This is the sign you will see at the crosswalks all throughout Israel. If you look closely, you will notice that this is definitely a Jewish man crossing the street.  It cracks me up when I look at these signs and see the little hat and suit that accompanies this traveler (as well as sporting a beard too). Here is a zoomed in look at my Jewish friend I see each and every day….


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4 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: Crosswalks

  • Mom

    Are you sure he’s Jewish and not Israeli?! Or is it vice versa? Or both??? Kind of funny that he has a suit with the beard and hat but then I guess alot of the older generation does wear those. Maybe younger also for all I know. I still picture the Amish when I think of the Jewish.

  • alece

    he needs a name. how about tevia?

  • lovewillbringustogether

    Where are the crosswalks for Jewish women?? Or do they all have beards, hats and suits over there? 🙂

    Has anyone ever seen any similar sort of religio-sexual specific public awareness signs in any other countries?


  • moweezle

    I like that name for him 🙂 I guess us women have to just stay pregnant and barefoot at home instead of walking around here. hehehehe

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