Bus 53

This week is the last week I’ll be riding bus 53 to the shelter.  I am moving to my new apartment this weekend (YEAH!), which means no more riding the bus early in the morning cuz now I am close enough to walk. 

Unfortunately, this also means that I will no longer see the little old man who I befriended on the bus.  I catch the 7:40 am, and he catches the same bus, 3 stops after mine.  He really is the cutest little thing; I’m guessing he’s around my grandpa’s age.  Every day when he gets on, he looks to see if there is a seat open next to me, and if there is he sits by me and we ATTEMPT to converse.  Between my Hebrew and his English, our conversation is limited, but we seem to get by.  He’s always such a fresh breath of air, compared to many ‘stale breaths’ I see on a day to day basis.  

I am going to miss his happy little face greeting me on the bus in the mornings! Its one thing I am sad to leave behind.  I guess I’m just gonna have to start meeting him for coffee now at the central bus station.  I mean, its not everyday that you actually meet people you end up liking on the buses in Tel Aviv!


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