Freckles: a blessing or a curse?

I absolutely hate my freckles!  The more sun I get, the more they come out.  This creates a problem for me, because I LOVE the sun!  I have tried everything…sunscreen, lotion, hats, sunglasses…you name it.  I just can’t get rid of these pesky spots.

What’s worse is that I have been living in really hot, sunny places since forever now, and I fear my freckles are becoming a permanent addition to my skin.  While some people say its endearing (and I believe they are saying that just to be polite), I think its horrific!  

Is it too much to ask for nice, freckle-less skin???


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9 responses to “Freckles: a blessing or a curse?

  • alece

    are you kidding me? i love freckles!

  • Jon Zondervan

    Freckles are endearing and you should embrace them:) However it is Christmas and since you have both of your front teeth, maybe you could change the song to fit your freckle free wish list?

  • sarah w

    I used to hate mine too. When I was young I had them on my face. Now that I am older I just get them on my shoulders and I LOVE them! 🙂

    I don’t know Mo…..I like your freckles……they ARE endearing!!!

  • Lisa Walker

    Freckles are fabulous!..

  • Marc

    dude…. you have to sport the freckles! when i buzzed/shaved my head i found out i have a patch on my head of them (i lost a bet to niel – reason for shaving head)

  • timothysmith0044

    I too hated my frecks! I have never been able to tan or anything, just lots of burning, ouch! I noticed Logan is starting to get some on his cheeks. Cute on him, wish I could banish mine.

  • annie

    Oh, are you kidding?! I love freckles. They are so cute. I am an extremely pale redhead with pale freckles – I would love if they were a little bit darker so they stood out more. 🙂 (No – I’m NOT kidding, and I’m NOT trying to be polite. 🙂 ) I didn’t grow up either loving or hating freckles … they were just a fact of life. Now I like them more, because I love complexions with freckles. I discovered that I liked more than one kind of complexion (which I think is part of what goes on in women’s minds – they value one kind of complexion (which is probably one they don’t have) over every other one, and do whatever they can to have it). I found out that I admire all kinds of complexions; most especially those that are healthy. So … I had to start seeing the good things about my complexion (I don’t mind the freckles, but I really dislike that I’m so pale). I’m still working on it a bit. All that to say – I’m pretty sure God loves freckles or He wouldn’t have designed them. 🙂 He loves variety and spice – be the spice He made you to be! 🙂

  • Becca

    I used to hate my freckles, but now I have grown to love them oh-so much.

    I hope you learn to love them someday.

  • Katherine

    Mo, i LOVE your freckles! 🙂 I wish i had more of mine, they’re starting to fade! I’ll trade with you! 🙂

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