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crashToday we were rocked with news of a huge catastrophe in Eilat (a city at the southernmost point of the country).  A huge tourist bus tumbled into a ravine killing 25 Russian travel agents and injuring many more.  The rumors on the street is that there were 2 busses involved, and they were each trying to reach the checkpoint first.  Its even on record now for the deadliest traffic accident in Israel’s history.

While this is horribly tragic, what I find interesting is that is became such a huge piece of news.  I hate to say it, but people die from bombs and gunfire everyday near/on the borders here. Unfortunately, its gotten to the point where this has become the norm, and hearing about this type of tragedy has not become ‘top news’.  I am deeply saddened by the news of this bus crash, of course, but at the same time I can’t help but wonder why we are becoming numb to what is happening to the people loosing their lives in Gaza/the West Bank. When will we recognize that one life is just as precious as 50 others.

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5 responses to “In the news…

  • alece

    i know for myself, if i’m honest, that news like that tends to roll right off me. i don’t feel like i’m impacted by it anymore.

    that’s not good.

    thanks for the wake up call.

  • moweezle

    Yeah, thats why I said ‘we’ cuz honestly I’m in that same category. Its like when I hear about the news of soldiers in war too…. I’m trying to become more sensitive about it and imagine each person as a mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.

  • Jon Zondervan

    Great point, I think it is all to easy to become numb to the loss of life in these areas and become jaded to the tragedies that go on around us every day.
    stay safe over there:)

  • lovewillbringustogether

    In answer to your question: Probably around the time everyone LIVES on the understanding that everyone has the same right to living their lives free from outside human ‘control’ as ‘we’ do.

    That the God many proudly claim is ‘their’ God is actually the SAME God – just seen from a differing perspective – those who are not like us worship, who sends His rain to fall on the just and the ‘unjust’ alike, and who expects us to learn from His examples. (As above – so below).

    i don’t see too many signs of that message being spread in the world i see ‘out there’.

    May He take care and watch over you – with your help of course 🙂


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