Mediterranean Monday: Chanukah, Day 1

For those of you who are like me, you might know a little about Chanukah, but just the basics.  Living in Israel during the holiday season, I am learning sooooo much more about Chanukah than I ever would by reading about it in some book or the internet. For today’s Med. Monday, I thought it would be fun starting an eight day series about Chanukah. Each day I will be sharing a small tidbit about this Jewish Holiday, and even compare/contrast it with Christmas. So, make sure to come back each day this week for a fun-filled Chanukah adventure…

I will begin with Chanukah 101:  Chanukah is a Jewish holiday, also known as the Festival of Lights.  It lasts eight days/nights, beginning on the 25th of Kislev from the Jewish calendar, which also happens to overlap with Christmas this particular year (Dec. 21-29, beginning at sunset).  It is the commemoration of the miracle that took place during the reign of Antiochus (aprox. 164 BC), when the Jewish people rose up and took back Jerusalem and their temple. The rebels were led by Judah Maccabee, and conquered more than 40,000 soldiers with their little band of brothers.

The word Chanukah actually means ‘dedication’ to remind them of of the re-dedication of the temple and the religious freedom that was granted to the Jewish people once again. 

This is the short, cliff-notes, version….but you can always read the entire version on your own 🙂

Tomorrow: The Chanukiah

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6 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: Chanukah, Day 1

  • alece

    have seen the friends episode where ross is dressed up as the holiday armadillo? and he keeps trying to tell his son about chanukah? and in a funny voice keeps referring to “the macabees”?

    yeah, that’s what’s running through my head now.

  • moweezle

    that is one of my favorite episodes….I’ve been saying the line Ross says, “Im the holiday armadillooooooo”, all week!!! hehehee

  • sarah w

    Ha! I was just coming on here to post about the Friends episode! I felt like as I was reading your post I could hear Ross telling it to Ben. (Without Joey in the Superman costume! :)) But I really wanna know……Is Chanukah the proper name or is it Hanukkah? 🙂

  • moweezle

    There are a million ways to spell it in english…Chanukah, Hanukah, Hanukkah, etc. it doesnt matter, cuz in Hebrew the letters are written phonetically, so in english it makes the same sound. But, that being said, everyone over here spells it Chanukah.

  • ksa

    I love being in chanukah 101… one of my best friends growing up was Jewish and she would teach me some. Looking forward to the re-education.

  • charlenegarrett

    This is great. Thanks Mo, I am looking forward to learning more.

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