Eggs with Legs

Here is the ever so famous Eggs with Legs that we took and handed out in Ashdod. They became something of a mascot for us.

n704366447_1349815_6225(the rest of the pics can be found on my facebook page)

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7 responses to “Eggs with Legs

  • @ngie

    Looks like a Mr. Potato head only it’s an egg. Fun!

  • alece

    aww… he’s cute.

    i love your gloves. (them there be typin’ gloves!)

    (i can’t find the rest of the pictures…)

  • annie

    Those are real eggs?? Wow – did you spend forever painting them?

  • Danielle Layne

    I’ll be praying for you guys over there…..take care!

  • Mom

    So cute. They do look like Mr Potato Head. So do they open up or anything? You have us all wondering now. Where did you get them?

  • moweezle

    Alece: funny you mention the gloves, I got them in SA with Aimee. 🙂

    The eggs are plastic and when you open them up they have candy, chocolate, and a plastic toy in them. One of our team members got them at the market…you can always find random ‘buys’ there. We all thought they looked like Humpty Dumpty, but Mr. Potato Head is good too 🙂

    The pics are on my wall. I was tagged in the real album, “visiting ashdod” by someone else with me. (I didn’t have my camera) So you can see them under my profile pic with all the rest, or on my wall with the tagged album.

    Glad you all liked them 🙂

  • charlenegarrett

    Famous…”it is freezing in my office and I still need to type gloves”…I miss you Mo…we had some fun, eh?

    Been praying for you…glad to hear the good reports!

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