Inside The Hamas

This morning the war took another dramatic turn, as terrorists from Lebanon have joined in against Israel.  Now we have rockets coming at us from the south (Hamas) and the north (possibly Hizbullah).  Yet, I am still amazed at the response protesters are showing against Israel! Fox News recently reported an inside look into the Hamas organization, with a young man who was the son of one of the founders of Hamas.  He was to be the next in command of Hamas, until he had a life-changing experience.  

What he says about Hamas is incredible; I wish everyone could see this video.  Here is part 1 of 6.  I strongly encourage you to just take some time to watch the whole thing. Its an extremely important look into this war.  This war might be physically happening in the Middle East, but if you think it doesn’t affect you living elsewhere….think again!  

If you want to watch the rest of the segments, after Part 1 is finished, click on the Part 2 thumbnail.


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3 responses to “Inside The Hamas

  • Danielle Layne

    Awww, yes… we watch the Bible come to life, this is just the beginning. First Lebanon and then there will be others. I’m sure Russia is just jumping up and down with glee right now and itching to join in on all the fun. And it does affect each and every one of us in a tremendous way. But as the Lord will have His way with His people, He surely will also protect you while you’re there. I love Israel and will be praying for her and also for you and your friends as you’re there doing the Lord’s work.

  • Mom

    Wow, that’s powerful. I’ll have to check out the other segments when I have time. I did hear on the news this morning about the attack now in the north. Of course, now my ears perk up anytime I hear them mention Israel. I also heard that Israel had a temporary cease-fire while humanitarian groups went in with aid. There will be the protesters and negative reports because we know that the enemy will do all he can to stir up and fuel the fire of hatred.

  • Rebecca

    thinking and praying for you! you have been on my mind a lot with all the news coverage happening in your part of the world.

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