Inauguration thoughts

Last night was the first time in my life I have ever watched a presidential inauguration. I know, sad…but in my defense I really haven’t had a TV since living outside the US. I must say, I was pleasantly moved by the whole thing. Its amazing how a country like ours, who is quite young in age compared to many other nations, has such wonderful traditions during this day. I was touched by the gesture of the current president and the president elect having coffee together and riding in the same car to the event. Many countries cannot even get the current president to leave his position in order to put the new one in!

I also adored the musical arrangement with Yo-Yo Ma. It took my breath away. I loved the prayer by Rick Warren. I was in tears at the end of the prayer, especially when he mentioned Yeshua 🙂 Everyone looked so great, especially the Obama girls…how cute where they!

Overall, whether you voted for Obama or not, it doesn’t matter. He is our President. We must support him and pray for him and his family. Lets do all we can to move ahead and not look back, and lets not take advantage of the freedom America has!


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6 responses to “Inauguration thoughts

  • Mom

    Very well put. You have such a good way with words and articulating feelings.
    I missed the prayer but heard how he said Jesus in several languages. I came in on the viewing while YoYoMa was playing. So well done. Whenever I hear his name it reminds me of when we played that alphabet game on the way to Cedar Point and Michelle came up with his name for Y.
    Yes, the Obama girls were very cute and so poised. The older one was taking pictures with her digital. I’ve seen her do that before. Maybe she’s into scrapbooking! Can you imagine the book she could put together of her growing up!!

  • alece

    can i just ask: what was up with that poem?!

  • annie

    I agree! Thanks for this …

  • moweezle

    Alece: I know!!!! I could hardly even concentrate during that part…I mean, what was that!! And, now that I’m on the topic, the infamous “hat” worn by Aretha was just too much for me too! ehehehe

  • alece

    i swear, it was a singing bow!

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