It’s all Greek to me!

This morning I attended a church here in Nicosia.  The service was all in Greek of course, but luckily I had a translator (thanks, Penny!). As we sang some hymns, I thought about how many different services I have attended all over and in how many different languages.  It was a pretty cool thought, one that made me want to learn Greek so bad.  I know I am focusing on Hebrew right now, but every time I go somewhere with a new language I always wish I spoke that one as well.  I can’t fathom how easy communication must have been pre-Babel times.  But from someone who loves languages I often think…now where is the challenge in that?!?  

One language??? Come on!  I guess God knew what He was doing, if nothing other than stimulating the brains of people like me 🙂


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3 responses to “It’s all Greek to me!

  • marc

    did you ever meet harry, the bus driver we would have for bigger teams? he knew like 11 languages. it’s crazy. i still need to learn more zulu and sotho. good luck!

  • annie

    Great thought! I love languages too. :0 And I completely understand. Whichever language I am currently hearing is the one I’m wanting to learn. So at work I think of learning Spanish, in Hebrew class I am passionate about learning Hebrew, when I study the New Testament, I want to learn Greek, when I hear a song in Italian, I want to learn Italian … the list goes on. I would love to be a studier of language. 🙂

  • KSA

    I understand totally what you mean. I just got back from Thailand and spent the whole time wishing I could communicate with the people in Thai instead of just being another one of the dumb white people who speak English and use exaggerated gestures to get their meaning across. It felt so good to get back to a part of the world were I could speak again. We had troubles with our tickets and had to spend two extra days in China, but at least I know enough Chinese to get around and carry on a simple conversation. It was so wonderful to be able to partake of the culture again on that level. When I flew into the airport at home I almost cried at the sound of Uyghur again, and how welcome it was to my ears.

    The sad thing is that most of the languages I have learned in the past keep getting lost as I try to grasp new ones. I can barely even put a sentence together in French, even after studying for seven years as a kid. Oh well. you are right when you say life before Babel would have been boring.

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