Mediterranean Monday: Mezuzah


Outside my front door

The mezuzah (doorpost in Hebrew) is a small case with Hebrew writing on it that you will find on every door post, hallway, or even in closets in Israel (on the upper right hand side).  The cases are inscribed with Hebrew verses from the Torah, which state the Jewish prayer, Shema Yisrael.  It begins with the phrase, ‘Listen Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.’   Inside the mezuzah, if you open it up, is a tiny scroll which contains the verses.  

The custom is to touch the mezuzah then kiss the fingers that touched it when you enter or leave the room.  This is to be a reminder of love and respect for God.  

The other day I was in the apartment, and I heard a loud noise.  When I came out to see what it was, I noticed my bedroom mezuzah on the floor!  It had fallen and opened up…but what was more disturbing was the missing blessing scroll on the inside!  Someone before me had obviously taken it out, probably after it had fallen for them too.  Shame!  I want my blessing back!!! 🙂

Here is my (fallen) mezuzah:


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6 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: Mezuzah

  • @ngie

    On one of our doors here on the property we rent there is a mezuzah. I never knew that was what it was called. Now I am curious to take it down and open it up to see if there is anything inside. It was here when we moved in. I hope you get your blessing.

  • moweezle

    That means a Jewish person lived there before you did 🙂

  • Mom

    You have the Word of God and it is filled with blessings for you. Many more than the mezuzah can contain!
    Love you, Mom

  • annie

    You have a pretty mezzuzah! My friends just got one as well, but didn’t know anything about it – beyond ‘on the doorposts’ and ‘touch it when entering and leaving.’ So I explained the Shin on the front, and even read some of the Scripture on the inside! (Which was cool for me – I could read over half of the words!) Give that girl her blessing back!

  • SarahW

    Interesting…..I have one of these from my friend Brick, but I don’t think it has anything inside of it. She says there is even a specific way to hang it. Hmm……I need to go find it and hang it up now! 🙂 I could use extra blessings! 🙂

  • alece

    my mezuzah is plastered in my heart.

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