Everyone has a story

I am currently reading the book, Schindler’s List.  I saw the movie years ago, but anyone who loves to read knows that the book is always much better…so I’m finally diving in.

Reading it over here has such a different impact on me, its incredible.  It’s one thing to read a story or event from the past and be touched by it, but its another thing completely to be living in the midst of a remnant of that event.  I am serious when I say that everyone I meet either has family, friends, relatives, or even they themselves were involved in some sort of way with this time in history.  Reading this book (and others like it) gives me a more thorough understanding of why hearts are hard, why minds are closed, and why many are suspicious.

It’s true that everyone has a story, but the story of Oskar Schindler is one that has made international headlines (mainly due to Steven Spielberg), but nonetheless is definitely worth reading about.  I’m only on the 2nd chapter, but I’m already finding myself wanting to read it during any spare time I have.  Review to come when I finish…..

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4 responses to “Everyone has a story

  • annie

    Oh yeah. Looking forward to a review. 😀

  • Becca

    Me too.
    I would find it way more fascinating myself, living in the region that this all occurred. Wow.

    Reading books about the war between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia after I’ve been are impacting in a way that I can’t explain. Because I saw the destruction. I saw the faces of tired men and women.

    Once you see it, print becomes different. It becomes just a bit more alive than it already was.

  • alece

    i’m guessing you feel the same way about reading the Bible there, too… powerful stuff, friend.

    [confession: i’ve never seen schindler’s list!]

  • moweezle

    Alece: wow! You never saw that movie?!? And yes, I feel the same way about reading the Bible, even more so… 🙂

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