This is for all my American friends…

I’ll start out with a disclaimer: “What I am about to say might offend and upset some of you, but I need to rant.”

Would it seriously kill you to email me once in a while???

I have lived in three different cultures now, all of them being ‘relational’ ones. If its one thing I’ve learned (mainly the hard way) its that we as Americans are NOT relational. Sure, you might be social, go out to parties, have fun with friends…but on a whole we are not brought up as a relational culture. We live to work, not work to live. When was the last time you spent ALL day just sitting under a tree talking or spending all day with your entire family (without it being a holiday)????

When will we stop being Martha’s, running around doing, doing, doing…and start being Mary’s, sitting at the feet, fellowshipping?

I’ve had such an emotionally crazy week and I find myself not even knowing who I can talk with.  I mean, thank God for facebook and all as a way of keeping in better contact, but even then its usually only my family and international friends that consistently keep me updated.  I do understand that everyone has busy lives, and things are going on….but let me end by saying this:

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

We always make time for those we treasure and care about.  I want to make more time for others.  I want to be able to say that I treasure my friendships, for thats where my heart is.  I want to be more relational in all I do.  I want to sit at His feet more and stop running around like crazy.

What about you?

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7 responses to “This is for all my American friends…

  • Spence Smith

    You know Mo… I think you are right. We miss the relational side of quality time for the most part. We don’t take as much time to hang out with family and friends and not have to rush off some where else next. I’m pretty guilty of it. I move from one thing to the next fairly fast and don’t think twice about it at times… but now you have me thinking a little more seriously about it.

    Thanks for such a great post…

  • Pete Wilson

    Great post! Guilty as charged. I need to invest more intentionally in this area of my life!

  • Andrea M.

    I relate well to this feeling. I have definitely learned a lot by living in a “relational” culture.
    Sending love your way!

  • KSA

    I totally understand. After living overseas for almost five years now, I feel like just a distant memory to a lot of my friends from home. I often feel like I know better what is going on in your life( even though you are a virtual stranger) than I do in the lives of some of the people I would have called my best friends. I think you are right that after witnessing a relational culture we see how much we as north Americans are missing out on. My Uyghur grandmother still has lunch one a month with ten of her fellow students from jr. high. (50 years later). I can’t even still name ten kids I was in jr. high with. As much as I miss the people at home, I do love being invited to partake of the relational aspect of life out here.

  • Tim

    Very well put. I think of this often.

  • annie

    I am definitely guilty of this. I’m sorry. I always chalk it up to being painfully shy … but perhaps culture hasn’t helped much on that. I do love the relational cultures … and have always considered myself more of a Mary. Show me, Father, how to do this.

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