Mediterranean Monday: גשם Geshem (Rain)


It’s what we have had for the past 4 days here in Tel Aviv, and needed desperately. When I first moved to Israel, all I heard was, “Ohhhhh, how we need rain!”  I wasn’t too fond of the idea, being an anti-rain person.  All I thought of were all the inconveniences it would cause me…getting wet while walking, having to lug an umbrella with me everywhere I go, the cold and the wind that accompanies it, etc. Needless to say, I wasn’t on-board with all the constant rain talk.

So, why does everyone want all this rain so bad??? (you might ask yourself)  Well, Israel is mainly a desert country…about 60%.  That’s a lot of dryness!  There is not much water flowing around here, to say the least.  This means that when summer comes along, and its super hot all the time, water is extremely scarce.  If we don’t store up water in the winter, then we are in trouble during summer.  This winter there has hardly been any rain, hence the many prayers for rain.

Last week when the forecast was showing rain all weekend people were getting excited, and I even found myself saying to someone, “We really need the rain!” After I said it I couldn’t believe the words had come out of my mouth!  I was actually part of the Israeli crowd of wanting rain!  (Even though I complained about having to walk in it all weekend)  I guess if it means I can have water for showers in the summer, I’ll take the rain in the winter!  I’m learning to compromise 🙂

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3 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: גשם Geshem (Rain)

  • alece

    i am the same way.

    the only time i like rain is when i can stay indoors and enjoy it under a blanket with a friend, a movie, and a hot frothy beverage.

    otherwise… no thanks.

    but living where we live, i’ve spent many a day praying for rain. and then rejoicing when it comes.

    despite my anti-rain-ness.

  • Jessica

    Actually, its been raining a lot here in the High Desert which is really unusual, and it even snowed twice since i’ve been home which is crazy! It usually only snow like once every couple of years here.

  • annie

    Hooray for rain! Yeah, the impressions of climate and so forth are SO different depending on what you live in. Most of the US is a temperate climate, so we have a fair bit of clouds and rain – unlike Israel which, as you say, is mostly desert, and almost never has clouds and rain (well – in the summer). So in the US, we think of sunshine as being blessing, happiness – “Yeah! The sun is shining!” Whereas in the desert, the sun is brutal, intense, and you’ll do anything to get out of it’s heat. In the desert – “Thank God there’s clouds and rain … and shade.” Such a different picture. It made me see some passages of Scripture (such as some in Psalms) in a different light.

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