I’m back in Kindergarten…

I was so excited yesterday when I came across a book store selling all its books for 15 shekels (about $3.50 US).  I decided to get a couple to start practicing my Hebrew reading, and at this stage the best way to do that is with children’s books. There were so many good ones, but I had to choose only 2 (I am on a budget!)  

When I found a Curious George book with a collection of stories inside, I knew that would have to be one of them. Then I found an African story about a group of children who go out into the bush to count animals….that was choice number 2.  

Last night I (slowly) read through the African Safari book, with help from Dudu.  It was a bit painful at times, sometimes having to sound out words letter by letter like a child, but I managed to read it and understand it all!  This is a huge accomplishment for me, considering just a few months ago I didn’t even know any Hebrew letters.  I am so proud of my new books, that I must also share them with you as well.  Take a look….

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12 responses to “I’m back in Kindergarten…

  • alece

    that is no small feat. wow, friend. i’m challenged by the way you’ve dove (dived? i never know…) into this.

  • annie

    Awesome! So … there are vowels in children’s literature? I TOTALLY understand the feeling. I’ve only been studying Biblical Hebrew once a week since June (and consequently progressing very slowly through our textbook). We are about 2/3 of the way through the textbook, but I can read a fair amount of Scripture without any aid, and with just a little help from the handy BDB, I can quickly figure out whole passages! It’s really thrilling!

  • moweezle

    Yes. They keep the vowels in the children’s books until they are ready to take them out, I guess. I’m sooooo not used to reading with vowels anymore, so now I have to remember what they actually are 🙂 hehehehe

  • Jessica P.

    Thats so awesome Mo! Congrats! I need to find some Hebrew books to read before I start forgetting stuff. Might be kind of hard here…

  • Becca

    That’s incredible!

    I spent ten months in South Africa and probably couldn’t read a sentence.

    Way to be diligent.

  • ksa

    Way to go girl…. that is a great start. My teacher is presently trying to get me to step up to the plate and read more. So I am currently trying my hand at Gone With The Wind in Uyghur. There is just something to reading books you are kind of familiar with.

  • Mom

    You are amazing!! So impressed. Great idea to start with the children’s books. And you could take them with you to the hospital and read to the kids. Oh yeah, they’re Arab. Well, find some Israeli kids to practice on!
    How did you do that slide presentation? How did we get such a talented daughter?!!

    • moweezle

      I guess I got it from Dad! hehehehe. Just kidding, mom….don’t sell yourself short! You’re the one who used to read us all those books when we were little so I guess I got it from you 🙂

  • Rebecca

    that is awesome, i love Curious George he is classic. way to go, I’m seriously impressed.

  • roo

    …alece’s friend here…
    I seriously considered buying some kids’ books at a bookstore here in j-lem the other day. i’m studying biblical hebrew, but learning a bit of modern would be so nice.
    (we’re getting plenty of rain up here, too… so much that i’m thankful, but slightly stir-crazy!)

  • Pete Wilson

    My kids love Curious George. Ok, I dig it too.

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