Shevet Achim

Last night  I went to a hospital here in Tel Aviv, which participates in a program to bring in non-Israeli children for heart surgery or other life-threatening medical issues.  Most children are Muslim from surrounding Middle Eastern countries, who cannot receive the medical care they need there.  My heart broke when I saw these little ones with tubes attached all over them.  

Most all of them come over with only their mothers, leaving behind the rest of the family.  The mothers only speak Arabic, which leads to soooo many communication breakdowns with the Hebrew speaking staff.  

Can you imagine taking your child for heart surgery to a place that does not speak your own language, and you have no idea what they are telling you is happening???

My friend, Gigi from Egypt, is one of the volunteers that goes there to bridge the gap.  She speaks Arabic and can help the mothers understand what is going on, pray with them, and just be there to comfort them.  I’ve been wanting to go with her for a while now, and I finally had the chance last night.

What these mothers have to go through, seeing their children like that, should never have to happen to anyone.  What the doctors and nurses are doing here in Israel is such an amazing thing!!! What Shevet Achim is doing to help these families is just as amazing!  

On the Shevet website are some pictures of the children that I went to visit last night….please just take a minute to see the faces of these precious ones.  Even with all the horrible things that is blasted on the news about Israel vs Gaza/Middle East there are still some incredible acts of love being shown here.

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6 responses to “Shevet Achim

  • Mom

    Very interesting. Who would have thought that a ministry such as that is there in Israel. Certainly not covered on the news. I love their mission of the Good Samaritan and the Isaac and Ishmael thing.
    God continues to bring these ministry opportunities your way. Just love on the little ones and this could also be the start of interacting with some muslim women.
    Love Ya!

  • Spence Smith

    That’s incredible. The fear that a mother must feel has to be overwhelming. I’m thankful there is someone there to help them through the process and to easy the stress. Mom’s shouldn’t have to deal with such stress and worry for their child…

  • annie

    The faces are just precious. How amazing that you got that opportunity.

  • alece

    i love knowing that’s going on there. i wish that sort of thing got media coverage!

  • moweezle

    Alece, thats just what my mom said! The only media coverage is negative!!!

  • Warren Baldwin

    Thanks for this story that we should all know more about.

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