Q: What does a Canadian, a German, and an American have in common?

A: Rehov Frishman. Apt. 808!  

Yep, thats right….I now have 2 roommates.  Michelle just arrived from Canada today, which makes us 3 in my apartment.  She is volunteering with Calvary Chapel for a year, and will be sharing her life (and some yummy Tim Hortons coffee) with us. My other roommate, Anja, is from Germany, and has been here since the end of January.  She is staying in Israel until August, also volunteering with Calvary.  

This has been a bit of an adjustment for me, having roommates again; I really haven’t had one since my first year in Brazil, back in 2000 (WOW!!! Has it been 9 years since then?!?).  Being as the cost of living is soooo high here in Tel Aviv, it really isn’t an option for me to live alone, and so far I am enjoying the company.  

Maybe  Hopefully, this is God’s way of preparing me for a permanent roommate of sorts in the near future…..if you know what I mean 🙂

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11 responses to “Q: What does a Canadian, a German, and an American have in common?

  • charlenegarrett

    Oh I know what you mean….let it be LORD …let it BE. Is there anyone that might be in line for that position??

  • Aimee

    Canadians do make the best roommates.

  • Mom

    Oh I’m sure we could find some who would love to be in that line. It’s more a case of you approving the applicants, if you know what I mean! we’ll keep praying for Mr. Permanent!!!

  • annie

    Your Mom’s comment cracked me up. 🙂 Approval is the thing. 😀

  • ksa

    Hey girl, you will be in my thoughts both in the “mr. Permanent” (as you mom calls him) and current roommate situation.

    I took in a roommate this past year, who was only planning on staying for a short while and it was a struggle after also having lived alone for some many year. It really showed me the areas in my life where I was selfish and needed Dad to chip away at a few things. I hope this roommate time is a blessing for you and a chance for you to grow.

    I echo your friend in saying that Canadian’s do make the best roommate ( even more some when they come packing Timmy’s coffee)

  • alece

    i love that you have a multicultural apartment!

  • lovewillbringustogether

    A German ministering in Israel???

    Truly He must be Great indeed! 🙂

    or is it for personal salvation perhaps?

    Mum’s are Priceless and wise) huh? 😉

    The application form idea may help? ( assuming you are ‘ready’ for either the stifling rush of aplicants or a less than ego-boosting small number of applicants willing to ‘take the risk’ of applying in the first instance?) 🙂


  • mattpeirce

    i don’t comment here like ever but it reminded me of my camp which often hired foreign staff through various organizations for the summers. I was in a Wal-Mart on a day off and realized I was hanging out with a Russian, a South African, and an Australia. Fun times.

  • Annie K

    I happened upon your blog and saw that one of your roommates is ‘Calvary Chapel’. My nephew did 6 months of his CC Schooling over in Israel last year. He just graduated from bible college and he and his dad (my brother) are going to the Calvary Chapel school in Oregon so that they can start a church when they move back to Virginia.

    Small world…..

    Btw, I’ve been enjoying your blog. 😉

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